Oxford Brookes University – John Henry Brookes and Abercrombie buildings

Courtesy of Oxford Brookes University ©

Oxford Brookes University – 24th of February 2014 inaugurated the John Henry Brookes Building

We are proud to have made a visual impact on such an iconic project.

TCA Isozaki Tower Citylife Milan – Installation phase

October 2013 – Installation of the first unit on TCA Isozaki Tower

From Citylife site,  Milan


New acquisition: TCa -Isozaki Tower- CityLife, Milan

Office tower

Architect: Arata Isozaki and Andrea Maffei

Main Contractor: Colombo Costruzioni

Focchi technology:

Cold bent triple glazing SSG unitised system

Glazed ventilate façades

News from Croydon Site

The Olympic Torch passing at Croydon

BWH - Olympic Torch

New career options with apprenticeship scheme


New acquisition: Moorgate Exchange, London

Office and retail development

Architect: HRK Architects

Main Contractor: Skanska

Focchi technology:

SSG unitised system with external glazed fins

Ground floor façades with grid and panel system

Horizontal aluminium brise-soleil

Glazed atrium roof

Focchi Cladding System – Croydon CURV PSDH

Project: Council Office, Croydon UK
Design: EPR Architects

SSG unitised climate wall double skin façade

25 maggio 2012

Park-House time-lapse movie

9 marzo 2012


Europarco Tower

Tower façades installation completed, whilst the lower building is still under construction

9 dicembre 2011


Oxford Brookes University – installation phase

Project: Oxford Brookes University

Building destination: University Campus , classes, offices, auditorium, new library and teaching building

Architect: Design Engine Architects


Fibre reinforced ventilated walls – SSG unitised system – grid and panel system – sunshading system consisting of featured toughened glass and vertical aluminium brise soleil – glazed roof

Croydon double skin façade installation

Project:  Council Office, Croydon UK
Design: EPR Architects

SSG Unitised climate wall double skin façade

Europarco Rome – Installation phases

Project: Torre EUROPARCO – Office Building , Rome
Architect: Studio Transit

Structural silicone unitised curtain walling – Aluminium rainscreen cladding – Vertical sun shading aluminium fins – Spandrel units with aluminium architectural features.

P7210820 P7210824 P7210827

DSCN0032 IMG-20111006-00003 IMG-20111006-00004

Park House – Installation Phases

Project: PARK HOUSE Office and Residential Building, Oxford Street London
Architect: Robin Partington Architects

Unitised façades- Feature louvres and fins.