Salzburg Airportcenter

  • Salisburgo

  • 1993

  • Photos: M.Schessl

The Salzburg Airportcenter is a service building erected near the city airport. More and more is the need of locating such buildings near airports. The most visible part of the building consists of three "fuselages" which contain the hotel: Focchi concent

The project location and the need to avoid interferences between airborne instrumentation and ground controls required a specific study of the external curtain walls. The three main aims required by the engineer and architect were: to achieve a noise reduction of more than 39 dB; to achieve radar reflection of less than 20 dB; from an architectural point of view, to avoid the external aluminium frame; an innovative structural silicone walling system was designed to absorb radar waves.


  • Panorami "radar" absorbing curtain walling

  • Roof-light glazing

The technology

In collaboration with Deutsche Aerospace in Bremen, Focchi has developed a complex project with different solutions for the various parts of the building. Materials, compositions, dimensions and air cavity have been determined via mathematical computer aided models and subsequent tests on relevant mock-ups. The spandrel panels are composed of an external reflective glass (coated with a specific radar waves absorbing material), a ventilated air cavity and a micro-perforated metal sheet. The vision panels are triple glazed. The resulting two internal cavities are ventilated and one sealed. Either glass and cavities thickness are different and variable. The metal fixing elements angle at the curtain walling to masonry connections has been determined in order to reflect the radar waves on the elements themselves, not interfering with the airport radar system.


Achammer Tritthart Partner

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