I Malatesta Shopping Centre

  • Rimini

  • 2005

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

A complex series of products has been designed for the “I Malatesta” Shopping Centre: façades which enclose the external envelope, ribbon windows on the side elevations, glazed and fire resistant doors, internal shopfronts and shutters, facetted skylights and the special “wave” effect glass which consist of bespoke laminated curved glass panes with both convex and concave radii.

A special feature of the main entrance is the double skin envelope consisting of two façades: one is a structural silicone curtain walling and the other is purely ornamental with the “wave effect” supported by stainless steel brackets which have been designed to comply with the anti–seismic standards. The glass panes forming the structural façade and the skylights are High Performance Solar Control Insulated glass units, in compliance with energy saving standards. A special characteristic of the internal mall is the “wave” curved glass cladding (which has been created into a water feature). The glass is elliptical shape which was complex in terms of the design as each glass pane is unique, so that for each element a bespoke mould has been manufactured. The biggest hurdle is related to the design of the skylight located above the travellator. It is elliptic on plan and is curved (facetted) in the vertical section. This required a major 3D design study in order to manufacture the glass, profiles, finishing aluminium sheets, and steelwork with extreme precision. The whole design process lasted about 7 months, whilst the workshop production took up much less time.


  • Double skin curtain walling

  • ribbon windows and glazed doors

  • facetted skylights

  • special laminated curved glass panes


Andrea Brunelli