Flaminio Headquarter

  • Rimini

  • 1994

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

A decisive game of essential proportions. A ground section, organised on two different levels, provides access to a large shopping gallery. Above, two large sections, side by side are distinguished by a curvilinear outer profile.

The whole building stands out for its excellent finishing, especially with regards to the outer "skin". The entire shell is made of two materials: alluminium and glass.
As a result, ascensional tensions sometimes predominate, expressed by the distinguishing pilasters and exterior lift shafts, while other times it is the horizontal lines which accompany the curved parts that gain the upper hand. The most interesting technical aspect of the façade concerns the joining of the curved plancier pieces which make up the fasciae of the glazed sections.


  • Panorami® Structural glazing curtain walling

  • Special aluminium cladding

The technology

Necessarily curved, to follow the façade development, these sheets take on a cone trunk shape. Joining them together was not easy. In similar cases, the sheets have been assembled by rivets and then sealed. In this case, the Focchi design department decided to weld them along the entire edge in order to achieve maximum plancier piece seal and resistance.
Each sheet is first cut using a laser beam then rolled and finally welded. The process was developed after a series of tests on real size samples. The main curtain walling structure consists of galvanised iron sections, manufactured by Focchi, onto which the system comprising both the flat-surface curtain wall glazing and the curved sections is fitted. , The PANORAMI® structural triple-glazing ventilated system was used for all the glazed parts of the Centro Flaminio, as well as for the ribbon curtain walling inserted in the curved parts of the building according to a polygonal development plan. This ribbon curtain walling is externally finished by a double series of deep-set brise soleil which are functionally very effective but also very pleasing from an aesthetic point of view.


Stefano Piccioli architects