Cyprus Popular Bank

  • Nicosia

  • 1995

The Cyprus Popular Bank headquarter building, at the entrance of Nicosia, is undoubtedly the most technically advanced of the various project recently carried out on the island. The building, which has to be highly representative, speaks openly the high-tech language.
The two main curtain walling have projecting staircases, elevator shafts and horizontal metal walkways which compliment each floor. The side curtain walling have a terraced pattern which groups together two floors at a time. The latter effect create large façade fasciae, screened above by horizontal brise-soleil.


  • “Visia” structural silicone curtain walling

  • Aseismatic curtain walling

  • Fully-glazed curtain walling without spandrel panels

  • External maintenance walkways

The technology

STRUCTURAL VISIA FACADES WITH SEISMIC PERFORMANCES FOCCHI has developed, manufactured and installed the entire “outer skin” of the building. Starting with its standard Visia product, the main performance requirements assumed by Focchi were:
- fully glazed structural façades;
- the inclusion of structural frameless doors in the façade, avoiding the esthetical impact of doors frames;
- a number of technical solutions aimed to allow the façade (either in the flat and facetted areas) to withstand seismic movements without any damage.
This result was achieved designing the mullion/ fixing brackets connection in such a way to allow for rotations due to seismic horizontal & vertical movements.
At the facetted façade & corner locations, split mullions have been used, jointed with gaskets, to allow individual movements.


Constantinides, Michaelides and Machlouzarides