Rimini Fiera

  • Rimini

  • 2002

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

The new fair is located north of Rimini in an undefined rural area. The aim of the Client and the Architects involved in the project was the creation of an architectural work which could be the symbol of the business and the long standing tradition of tourism in Rimini.
This project consists of 16 exhibition pavilions each of 60.000 m2 (60 m long without any internal pilasters), a central body for offices, refreshment bars/restaurants, general facilities and 4 32 m high illuminated glass towers; giving a total surface of 127.000 m2.
The size and the quality of this job make the Fiera di Rimini an attractive economic centre of a new environment.


  • Curtain walling with thermal break profiles

  • Bespoke sliding doors with clear opening of 5,5 m. / 7,5 m.

  • Revolving doors (D= 3 m.) with glazed roof

The technology

Focchi SpA, as group leader of the successful joint-venture has been entrusted with the completion of the work, and has taken care of the design and production of the facades.

The curtain walling, comprising of 30.000 m2 of glass, combined with the laminated timber roof brings the total capacity for the pavilions to 82.000 m2 The architects main need was to give lightness to the work by using a fa├žade with bespoke mullions (8 m high), with narrow sight lines (only 75 mm) which could emphasize the verticality of the curtain walling. As well as this, the theme was accentuated with the application of an external aluminium fin.

Normally mullions of such narrow proportions would be unsuitable for such large spans, this was compounded by the fact that the development is in an area of high seismic activity. With the use of special technology, which took into account the deflection of both the aluminium profiles and the structure, the problem was overcome (a 50 x 50 reinforced concrete column in this structure would deflect 5-6cm at the midpoint).


Gmp Architekten Von Gerkan, Marg und Partner, Hamburg

The architectural practice von Gerkan, Marg and Partners was founded by Meinhard von Gerkan and Volkwin Marg in 1965. Since its inception it has grown to include four additional partners, one partner for China, twelve associate partners and more than 500 employees in ten offices in Germany and abroad. gmp is one of the few practices with a generalist position, which takes responsibility for a project from the design idea and its realization right through to the interior design.They are internationally recognized not only for their projects like the New Trade Fair in Leipzig, the Rimini Exhibition Center or the Christ Pavilion for the EXPO 2000, but also for their designs. Key examples are the designs for the reconstruction and roofing of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin or Berlin Central Station, which was completed in 2006. gmp has succeeded in winning more than 470 prizes in national and international competitions, among them more than 270 first prizes and a large number of awards for exemplary architecture. More than 330 buildings have been constructed by gmp worldwide.