Fiera District

  • Bologna

  • 1991

  • Contractor Finanziarie Fiere SpA

  • Photos: Idea Due

In 1967 Kenzo Tange was assigned by the Municipality of Bologna for the urban development a plan in the Northern area of town. The master plan is developed around the basic idea of a linear city, organized along a main U-shaped axis.
The buildings are characterized by a sharp vertical development, and arranged around a square of over 7000 sq. mt.
These imposing, stimulating structures combine modernity and efficiency to reinterpret a few typical elements of this Emilian city, such as its porticoes and towers.
The white cement structure is exhibited decisively, and the large frame supported by cylindrical volumes gives the project its “gigantic” effect.
Among the trading centers of Italian scenario, this episode remains today one of the most important and significant operations.


  • Frames

  • Internal cladding

The technology

Focchi manufactured the façades, windows and other metal finishing in the two main buildings of the Fiera District, (one of which in joint-venture with CIR – Imola) headquarters of the Emilia-Romagna Region.
The thermal break profiles are German-production, in compliance with DIN regulations.
The lower body unitized curtain walling allows an easy maintenance and the absorption of any building deformation.

The windows and the entrances (with vertical supports 8 meters high) of the ground floor are 1000 joules bullet-proof.


Kenzo Tange Associates: great buildings design from Japan