Nuova sede Gazzetta di Parma, TV Parma e Publiedi

  • Parma

  • 1999

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

The building consists of three functional units: The office tower comprising the offices and meeting rooms. The service tower containing the lifts, emergency exit stairs and sanitary facilities. The Broadcasting area includes the offices, the studios and editing rooms of “TV Parma”. Connecting the office and the service tower is a full height atrium (circa 22 m), crossed by connection walkways at the different storeys, the glazed atrium roof forms a skylight allowing natural light ingress.


  • Stick curtain walling system

  • Ventilated façades

  • Double skin curtain walling with aluminium perforated screen sunshading

The technology

Structural silicone curtain walling. The cladding of the office tower is a structural silicone curtain walling with large horizontal glazed panels 3600mm x 920 mm. The 3600mm transoms are particularly robust to provide support over this considerable length. The mullions section is generally 170mm x 50mm. Although the ‘double height’ areas 7360mm in height utilise mullions of an increased section 330mm x 80mm. Glazed infill panels have a high performance coating. On the south elevation a motorised venetian blind is inserted within the double glazing unit. Double skin curtain walling with aluminium perforated screen sunshading At a distance of 700mm from the external face of the main façade is a secondary facade that follows the modularity of the main facade. This secondary facade is supported by galvanised steel cross ties from the main façade and fixed to Halfen channels anchored in the floorslabs. Facade infill consists of perforated Aluminium sheet 2mm thick, with 3mm diameter holes at 5 mm centres set to a quincunx pattern. The positioning of the holes was studied to ensure the correct ratio between sunshading to the inner façade and vision from the internal to the external. Between these two facades there are a series of walkways, for maintenance purposes. Ventilated Façades. The services tower cladding is a ventilated rainscreen façade which consists of horizontal aluminium sheet 1.5mm thick, dimension 3600 x 300 mm. The framing for the rainscreen is in galvanised steel and is anchored to the wall using expansion bolts. Wall insulation is provided by Styrodur panels.


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