One One One, Old Broad Street

  • London

  • 1998

  • Contractor Laing Eastern U.K.

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

The site at 109-118 Old Broad Street, occupies a position in the core of the City of London, a part of which lies within the Bank Conservation Area. The predominant materials used in the buildings in the immediate area are stone, masonry and glass, and, due to limited street widths, a number of buildings provide large window openings to maximise the light available inside.

The building One One One is sympathetic to its context, having a distinctive contemporary identity, with the requirement for a well lit office building providing modern flexible accommodation.

The building’s facades respect the character and spirit of many of the surrounding 19th Century buildings, reinterpreting various traditional architectural devices in a contemporary, engineered manner and expressing the structural performance of the elements.

The typical bay reinterprets the traditional architectural device of the masonry supported bay window.

The degree of detail and visual interest echoes that of nearby traditional buildings.

The technology

External cladding wholly realised by Focchi, developing the intricate details in co-operation with Foggo Associates Architects.

The five floor cladding: it’s composed of wide bay window glazing, vertically developed, which are connected by ventilated stone claddings, to disguise the armored concrete columns.

Glazing designed to have the smallest overall dimensions on the bay window corners, and special profiles together with structural silicone was used in order to get the maximum light.

The stone architectural cladding has been pre-assembled and tensioned by means of stainless steel bolts.

6th and 7th floor: stainless steel balconies and sunscreens are supported by tension rods, anchored to the main structure by stainless steel brackets.

The entire work was characterised by the great level of care paid to finishing and detailing.


T.P. Hinton and Foggo Associates