Sheraton Hotel

  • Genoa

  • 1993

  • Photos: F. Brunetti

The Sheraton Hotel in The Cristoforo Colombo International Airport, is the first example of an airport hotel in Italy. The starting conditions were critical, and Sheraton standards for indoor sound levels were very strict.

For these curtain walling, it was essential to grant an exceptional level of soundproofing, ranging from 51 to 60 dBA depending on the position (airport side – street side) and purpose of the indoor rooms. The tall green tower, used by the architects, Alfredo Corradini, Sandro Serapioni and Pierluigi Raule distinguishing the project, symbolizes this respect of the environment, though within the critical conditions of a building at the airport. Colour was used to highlight function: green on a sky-blue background for the sleeping area; warm and earthy the basic block for services and the Convention Center. The 9-floor silver containing the rooms, built using a green structural curtain walling, contrasts with the base block (3 floors) containing hotel services and the Convention Center, built using natural travertine marble and warm "walnut" colored inserts.


  • Stick curtain walling system

The technology

Focchi can provide façades with high (certified) performance levels, able to reduce noise pollution to heretofore unthinkably low levels.

The system for silence
Acoustic behaviour requires experimental testing, since it is related not only to the performance of the individual materials, but also the correct manufacture of the complete product. It is important to remember that every defective “seal” between components of the façade system can void the advantages gained by using special sound-insulating and sound-absorbent materials. Focchi began with its own basic technologies and developed a special product, also taking advantage of the collaboration of Alessandro Cocchi, Professor of Engineering and tenured Professor of Technical Physics at the University of Bologna, then chairman of the Italian Acoustic Society.

Laboratory tests definitively proved, for the Sheraton Hotel, that performance levels had been achieved with an improvement of 2-3 dBA over the requirements. The solution adopted includes a dual – shield system and a connection:

Outside, a PANORAMI® structural continuous façade with three panes and ventilated cavity, capable alone of reducing noise levels by 41 dBA.Inside, a glazing element made of aluminium profiles with thermal break, open joint system and phonostop glass.A connection between the two shields to absorb sound waves and prevent sound from being conducted between the outer façade and inner fixture.


Corradini, Serapioni, Raule architects

A tall green tower, used by the architects, Alfredo Corradini, Sandro Serapioni and Pierluigi Raule distinguishing the project built up with Focchi.