Banco di Napoli

  • Naples

  • 1990

  • Photos: D. Domenicali

Two towers, over 70 meters high, linked up by a footbridge on two levels for the new offices of the Banco di Napoli , designed by the Architect Nicola Pagliara, at Naples.

The designer’s intention was to banish repetition: all the outside skin of the building is the fruit of a careful design full of thrusts, pauses, flights and decorations. The horizontal trend is emphasized by the double coloring of the stone dressing, the special floors, the entablatures projecting out from the coverings, the metal profiles which make up the structure of the bridge; the vertical trend by the partition of the façade in three great fascia – stone, metal and glass. The long series of double window, the profiles which start out form the ground and rise up almost to the roof, finally being “Crowned by Eagles”.


  • One storey high unit curtain walling

  • Fine aluminium ornamental components

  • Connecting walkways

  • Frames

The technology

Focchi has made all the components of the façades, following their executive design in close touch with the architect.
The ceiling cladding and other structural elements of the building are made of extruded aluminum profiles and diebent metal sheets, specifically designed.
Cladding and structural elements of the building have been made using special extruded aluminum profiles and diebent metal sheets. For these considerable aluminum surfaces, special techniques have been used in order to totally eliminate any thermal bridge.
The ground floor windows have been made with thermal broken profiles and outside armoring. According to the express wishes of the designer, the armoring elements, consisting on UNP type steel profiles, are visible; the double glazed units have three levels of inside armoring, and a total thickness of 28 mm.

FACADE ARCHITECTURAL FEATURE: also made by Focchi, in close co-operation with the architect; they are details of excellence of the project, which can never be compared to industrial production. Each decorative element like arge capital eagles, placed on the upper floors of the Management Offices, capital ledges which hold large luminous Plexiglas Spheres, and lamp globes which rest on die-cast aluminum supports, have been produced first as prototype, in order to allow an accurate examination carried out by Architect Pagliara, in close co-operation with the Focchi technicians.


Nicola Pagliara and Focchi Group for the Banco di Napoli Headquarters