Edison Business Center Development

  • Sesto San Giovanni

  • 2009

  • Photos: Piermario Ruggeri

Three office buildings located in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan. This project is part of the overall re-development plan of the Ex Magneti Marelli area. http:www.edisonproject.it


  • Stick curtain walling system

  • Double skin curtain walling

  • Bolted glass façades

  • Ventilated façades

  • Featuring elements

The technology

“BUBBLE AREA”: Structural unitised façade with typical dimension of 3450 mm height and 1350 mm width. The system consists of a Ipasol Sky 30/10 selective glass, which gives a U-Value of 1,4 W/m2°K and a G-Value of 18% OFFICES BUILDINGS WINDOWS Bespoke thermal break aluminium profiles with external dimension of 50 mm. Typical dimension of the window: 2200 mm height X 4400 mm width. The system fully complies with the highest weather tight levels and with the acoustic performances required by the DPCM 5/12/97 standard. EXTERNAL THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEM ETICS certified ETA 004 consisting of EPS insulation layer mm 100 thick, in compliance with the DLGS 311 standard, providing a thermal transmittance value of 0,31 W/m2K. TERRACOTTA BRISE SOLEIL Double skin fully pre-assembled units consisting of: perimeter aluminium frame with the insertion of horizontal terracotta strips of 55 cms x 55 cms section. Typical dimensions: 3450 mm height x 1350 mm width. These units project of 800 mm out from the building façade. The hollow space includes hot dipped galvanised walkways for maintenance purposes. TERRACOTTA VENTILATED FAÇADE Anodised aluminium substructure, stainless steel kerf anchoring system, terracotta slabs with typical dimensions of 300 mm height x 750 mm width and 3 cms thickness. MAIN ENTRANCE WITH AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOORS Stick c.w. system with bolted glass and 30° sloped roof PRESSURE PLATE FAÇADE Stick c.w. system with typical dimensions of 3450 mm height and 1350 mm width; profile external dimension of 50 mm. The system consists of a Ipasol Sky 30/10 selective glass, which gives a U-Value of 1,4 W/m2°K and a G-Value of 18%


Garretti Associati

Paolo Garretti (Buenos Aires, 1953), founder of Garretti Associati, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milan. In 1996 he began working with Aukett Ltd, an international architecture practice based in London, years of international partnership, Aukett+Garretti, have helped to build over time a clear inclination towards a typically Anglo-Saxon design approach. The Studio offers a multidisciplinary integration of activities' design, ranging from architecture to urban planning, engineering structural to the plant, from space planning and interior design.