Allianz Isozaki Tower

  • Milano

  • 2015

  • Contractor Colombo Costruzioni

  • Photos: Piermario Ruggeri

The Tower by Isozaki and Maffei for CityLife

"We found interesting to develop the idea of a skyscraper without a limit, a kind of endless tower. Now we find skyscrapers of any shape and decoration in all parts of the world. Starting from this study, we looked to a fascinating concept to be applied to high-rise buildings, instead of studying only a shape of an aesthetic beauty. In the aspiration of maximum verticality and tension towards the sky, it was a limit to choose a complete shape and concluded at a certain height and we preferred to apply the concept of a modular system that can be repeated in an infinite way with any limit. The module we decided is composed by six office floors with a long thin plan of 24x61.5m.
The choice of these proportions is finalised to make the whole volume thinner to emphasize the verticality and makes it structurally provocative, due to the slender shape so high.
The facade of the module is composed by a triple glass unit slightly curved to outside.

The vertical succession of rounded forms create a feeling of slight vibration of the volume of the building as it rises upward. Elevations of the short sides are fully glazed and show the mechanical series of panoramic lifts going up and down to the various floors of the building.
The idea of endless tower can be compared to previous ambitions of other artists as Constantin Brancusi, for example, who in 1937-38 installed one of his endless column of Targu-Jiu in the park to create repeatable systems indefinitely. When asked about the reasons for this idea, Brancusi replied: we need to support the vault of heaven". Andrea Maffei

CTBUH Awards Best Tall Building Europe 2016 Finalist

Leed Gold certificated


  • Cold bent triple glazing ssg unitised façades

  • Glazed ventilated façades


Arata Isozaki

Arata Isozaki (Oita, Japan, 1931) graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1954 and studied with Kenzo Tange. In 1963 he founded the Arata Isozaki Atelier, today Arata Isozaki & Associates. Member of the Pritzker Prize jury from 1979 to 1984, Isozaki has received international recognition for his works that have been built all over the world.
Among his most prominent projects are: the Gunma Museum of Modern Art (1978), the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (1986), the Soho Guggenheim Museum in New York (1992), the Kyoto Concert Hall (1995), and the Olympic Sports Hall in Torino (2002). He was awarded the RIBA Gold Medal in 1986.

Andrea Maffei Architects

It’s 1997 when Andrea Maffei moves in Tokyo to begin its collaboration with Arata Isozaki, managing the Italian projects of the practice.
In 2005 Maffei established the “Andrea Maffei Architects” practice, based in Brera. In 2006 he supervised the projects in Turin, such as the Palahockey, built for Winter Olympics and now called Palaisozaki, the Olympic pool and the Piazza d’Armi park. The architect was also in charge of the Allianz Isozaki Tower in CityLife, the former area of the fair in Milan. Furthermore, beside his professional work, he edits books and articles for several architectural magazines.

2007 Milano Finanza Real Estate Award – Best residential project
2009 Milano Finanza Real Estate Award – Best public-private project