ATAC Headquarters

  • Rome

  • 2016

  • Contractor Parsitalia

Atac Headquaters Rome

Office Building

The ATAC Headquarters is the office housing all the companies that manage the urban public transport owned by the administration of Roma Capitale, the municipal body of Rome.

The building is part of the Europark project, the first state of the art management center in Italy.
The structure can appear monolithic, but from its forms emerge static and dynamic values representing the alternation and complexity of movement in the contemporary city.


  • Ribboned façades with Aluminium Composite cladding

  • SSG façades with external skin consisting of expanded aluminium foil mesh

  • SSG façades with featuring aluminium fins

  • SSG façades


Studio Transit

The Studio Transit in Rome is now consisting of five partners: Gianni Ascarelli, Alessandro Pistolesi, Manuela de Micheli, Sergio Vinci and Roberto Becchetti. After the experiences of the early Seventies in interior architecture, the practice directs its design activities towards residential and commercial sector, as well as in urban redevelopment and metropolitan transport system. Their projects feature an evolved architectural language that, even if constantly connected with past and tradition, contains morphological innovative solutions, advanced technology and a choice of materials consistent with the principles of modernity and rationality.