Dollar Bay

  • London

  • 2017

  • Contractor Mount Anvil

  • Photos: Hufton+Crow

Residential Tower - Winner of the London Evening Standard’s New Home Award for “Home or Development of Outstanding Architectural Merit”

358ft tall, bold and beautiful high-end residential tower overlooking London’s prestigious financial district in Canary Wharf. The iconic new development, unhindered by neighboring buildings, has a prime location at the foot of the South Dock. Its stunning glass façade, reflecting the ever-changing light, is shaped by a strong contemporary concept and it represents a striking addition to London’s impressive skyline. Each of the 125 apartments offers a magnificent water view, either of the South Dock or the River Thames. Each apartment also boasts its very own winter garden, beautiful, high contrast interiors and smart and stylish storage solutions.
The design highlights the two key aspects, east and west, by creating two crystalline forms, with the apartment plan driving the shaping of these forms. The widest elevations have a 1500mm winter garden across their entire width, clad in horizontal glass louvres. On the western façade, these louvres incline both outwards and inwards to create a cascade, a waterfall falling into the dock. The north and south façades are narrow with the crystals separated by the recessed glazed joint of the corridor. This joint expands at the ground level allowing each crystal to appear to be resting daringly on a single point.
A unique dock water comfort cooling solution is designed to be highly energy efficient, potentially saving homeowners 39% on costs and reducing carbon footprint by 23% compared to traditional technologies. It is the first time London Dock water has been used to cool a residential building, which also serves to safeguard the building’s sleek appearance, as no unsightly and noisy plant is visible externally.
2017 London Design Award, Residential Constructed - Gold Winner


  • Unitised structural silicone glazed system

  • Stick aluminium toggle façade, triangular and trapezoidal DGU

  • Unitised façade integrating motorised glass louvres

  • Sliding doors


SimpsonHaugh and Partners

Since the practice was founded by Rachel Haugh and Ian Simpson in 1987, it has compiled an impressive portfolio of award-winning projects. It originated from a shared belief in the power of high quality design to lead the regeneration of post-industrial cities and initiate new contemporary architectural identities. Main themes are urban renewal, sustainability and design excellence with the aim of designing buildings and spaces that would be appropriate, inspirational and beautiful. While the success of its completed work and growing reputation for design integrity has allowed the practice to expand, Rachel and Ian remain personally involved in each project. Consequently, the inspiration in design and the attention to detail in construction that have stimulated the achievements of the practice so far will continue to guide its schemes in the future.