Sustainibility as a choice

According to the Kyoto Protocol, signed by all EU countries, the Directive on the energy performance of buildings EPBD 2002 has become the starting point for all the measures taken to reduce the energy consumption of buildings at national and European level. CO2 emissions produced by buildings during their life cycle can be significantly reduced through the adoption of green/sustainable technology construction and sensible architectural solutions. Focchi turns research, experience and ethics into solutions with high energy efficiency, and active proposals for new buildings and renovations that lead to energy saving. Sustainability is a matter of choice.

Technology to certify

With innovation and the highest technology Focchi meets the requirements of the international instruments for sustainable certification, the American system of LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and the British BREEAM Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, to the Italian energy efficiency rating system. Some of the most recent works that have awarded ambitious certifications are the projects of RCS headquarters, the new urban center Citylife 2013 Libenskind - Residences building - U27 Milanofiori in Milan and the British projects e.g. the refurbishment of 107 Cheapside and 55 Baker Street and new build projects of Park House in Oxford Street London and One Snowhill in Birmingham.

to sustain

With projects such as IntesaSan Paolo Accounting Center of Moncalieri, Focchi continues the path dictated by the sustainable choice. The commitment and studies in support of energy efficiency solutions of existing buildings, go through the replacement with a new façade that provides higher performance. One type of intervention that radically improves the result of the energy consumption of the building, in the light of the fundamental role played by the building envelope in this area. Renovate to sustain is a choice that combines energy needs with aesthetic and comfort requirements.

A matter of concept: energy

Focchi takes one more step towards sustainability embracing the choice of the Concept of Energy. An approach to the project, which looks at the whole life cycle energy cost of the building, and becomes a unifying principle and a interdisciplinary coordinator in the architectural process.
Energy concept through measurement and simulation, analysis and assumptions, provides guidelines for the design of the curtain walling itself, defining the energy impact within an overall view.
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Working together to sustain

Focchi puts a continuous and mutual collaboration between designers, clients and professionals at the base of its philosophy. The façade system plays a vital role in the sustainability of the building. The envelope as a result of a bespoke design adapts to the context, changes according to different conditions, in search of a constant efficiency and energy optimization. In new construction projects as well as in refurbishment projects, shared design choices become as important as sustainability.